Breaking Ground: Jane Towse-Laval and Philip Hines on Joint Ventures & An Industry Update from Nia Kajastie

Jun 30, 09:14 AM
In this episode of Breaking Ground, Steve Hadley (Chair of the Federation of Piling Specialists and Managing Director of Central Piling) is joined by Jane Towse-Laval (Business Director at BBGE) and Philip Hines (UK Group Managing Director at Soletanche Bachy) to discuss joint ventures, a business model which has become more popular in the last few years - what are they, how do they work in practice, and are they a good idea?

He is also joined by Nia Kajastie (Editor of Ground Engineering Magazine) to talk about forthcoming GE activities - something which will become a regular feature of these podcasts - and to provide her insight into current infrastructure projects, including a progress report on HS2.

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