Dad Time Out Show Conversations: Elisa A. Schmitz / Founder and CEO of

Jun 30, 06:45 PM
In this episode of "The Dad Time Out Show: Conversations", MK has the wonderful opportunity to talk to Elisa A. Schmitz. Elisa is an award-winning entrepreneur; founder and CEO of, a vibrant digital media platform where women, men and especially parents come to inspire and be inspired; and also the founder of iParenting which sold to Disney. 
MK and Elisa talk about a wide array of subjects including the impetus, origin and development of iParenting and 30 seconds. They spend some time discussing modern day fatherhood and advancements also the changes that have been witnessed through Elisa's media (and real life) lens in the course of her time in the parenting spaces. 
Finally, they talk some entrepreneurship with adults and kids and so much more. They also have some fun with lifestyle chat, dream travel, and summer recipe trends in this very enjoyable episode.
"Dad's don't babysit."  
Thank you Elisa.

30 Seconds covers such a wide array of topics and authors covering not only fatherhood and parenting subjects, but travel hints, mental health, pregnancy, health, food and plenty of dedicated dad pages etc. We often say on our show, we’re not experts but we listen to them and this is absolutely an endless resource for us. 
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