Exploring how gut health impacts COVID-19 with Professor Robert Thomas

Episode 152,   Jul 01, 2021, 01:42 PM

Professor Robert Thomas is leading the Phyto-V study to understand the impact of gut health on COVID-19. The purpose of the study is to determine if nutritional interventions could help shorten the severity or duration of illness for those infected with the virus.

In this latest Table Talk we sit down to talk to Professor Thomas to find out all about this new study. Whilst it is widely known about the gut health brain axis, the gut health lung pathway is less known. The study explores whether phytochemicals and probiotics have a role to play in aiding faster recovery from Covid. We'll explore the results to date and what this means for our diet, what food we should be eating, and how we it affects severity and duration of COVID-related illness. It's a fascinating look further into the world of gut health, join the conversation on Table Talk.

About Professor Robert Thomas

Professor Robert Thomas is a full time NHS Consultant Oncologist at Bedford and Addenbrooke's Hospitals, a teacher at Cambridge University and a visiting Professor of Sports and Nutritional science at the University of Bedfordshire. He manages patients with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormones and biological targeted treatments but incorporates nutritional and lifestyle strategies to enhance their effect, reduce side effects and improve outcomes.

He is also head of a Lifestyle and Cancer Research Unit which designs and conducts government approved scientific studies evaluating the impact of exercise, diet and natural therapies on cancer and other chronic diseases. The scientific papers resulting from this research, conducted in collaboration with Universities in Southern California, Cambridge and Glasgow, can be reviewed online.

He currently leads the UK's covid-19 nutritional intervention study (The Phyto-V study) assessing whether prebiotic polyphenol rich foods plus the yourgut+ probiotic could lower the severity and duration of symptoms.

He is author of the UK bestseller "How to Live and has been awarded The Hospital Doctor journal "Doctor of the Year" the British Oncology Association “Oncologist of the Year” and The Royal College of Radiologist Research Medal and the NHS communication prize.

Photo (C) Richard Cannon