Thursday, July 1: What You Should Teach Kids About Money; Attorney Norm Pattis On Bill Cosby; Connecticut Concert Update

Jul 01, 2021, 04:17 PM

Things you should teach your kids about money. Clearly, everyone on the show needed a good refresher course. (0:00)
Attorney Norm Pattis called in to talk about Bill Cosby, surprisingly, being released from prison. Chaz and AJ had a lot of questions about how this could happen, and what kind of court proceedings will follow. (16:11)
Jimmy Koplik was on to talk Connecticut concerts. The Tribe called in with questions about the shows they'd like to see, and Jimmy had answers for everyone. AC/DC, Wilco, Sammy Hagar and Aaron Lewis with Staind. (31:30)

Image Credit: Diy13 / iStock / Getty Images Plus