Growing Motivated: How we can develop and encourage motivation in our teens

Season 2, Episode 41,   Jul 02, 2021, 06:44 AM

"Studying’s boring. I’ve already done enough. The test’s not for ages. The teacher told us it wasn’t important. What’s the point, I’m rubbish anyway?" I could go on with the list of typical student reactions to the prospect of revision. Not only have I heard them from my own children and other students, but I know for a fact I churned a few of these out to my parents all those years ago. But is this as easy to dismiss as a stereotypical teen response or is there something that we can do to help overcome this roadblock and help our children reach their goals?

This week we’re looking at what it takes to be motivated.

Nathan McGurl, Founder of The Study Buddy, is joined by Mark Enser. Mark is head of geography and research lead at Heathfield Community College in East Sussex. He is a frequent columnist with the Times Educational Supplement, an author and, as well as regularly blogging along with his wife Zoe Enser (who you may remember from our previous episode on generative learning) – he is an avid twitterer.

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