Resurgence of REITs in Asia Pacific with Justina Chiu of Fortune REIT

Episode 19,   Jul 04, 2021, 03:59 PM

In this episode, journalist Mark Cooper speaks with Justina Chiu, the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Fortune REIT.  Justina shares her career journey as she joined Fortune REIT, the first REIT to hold Hong Kong assets, when it was listed in Singapore right after SARs in 2003.  She also shares how her all-rounded experiences from different roles within the company laid the foundation for her in leading the REIT. 

Operating 3 million square feet of private housing estate retail properties, Justina highlights Fortune Malls’ commitment in serving the neighborhood community and showcases various initiatives in driving a business that can thrive and be sustainable for a long term.  

Fortune REIT holds 16 neighborhood malls in Hong Kong and is currently listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as one of the most actively traded REITs.