07/02/2021 Wake Up Call Hour 2

Jul 02, 01:44 PM
Guest: It's that time of year again for the greatest showcase on the Fourth of July, the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and who better to get the lowdown on the competition than world record holder and greatest eater of all time Joey Chestnut. He joins the show to talk on his training, outlook on this year's competition and the comparisons being made to #TomBrady and #PhilMickelson
The Good The Bad The Dumb...the feud we can't get enough of just got another layer, #BrooksKoepka #BrysonDeChambeau; #DevinBush has issues with teammates using #TikTok in the #Steelers locker room, might need to find another locker room; #BBC reporter mixes up her Bills #BillClinton #BillCosby; track star #ShaCarriRichardson just ran into some trouble with her #Olympics, pun intended