Friday, July 2: Flubble Friday; Dumb Ass News; AJ's Best Past July 4th Buttle Rocket Extravaganza Moments

Jul 02, 2021, 03:24 PM

The heat wave clearly affected the flubble output for the show this week, especially AJ in the Monkey Cage. (0:00)
Kyle the teacher was on to give some important parts of American history that lead to our Independence Day. It all started with one of the founding fathers growing marijuana and selling booze. (4:44)
Dumb Ass News - Fireworks can be loud and annoying in a residential area, so one man in Florida decided to take things into his own hands by imitating the sounds of a fireworks show at 3am. (14:09) 
Boss Keith tried for a positive Top 5 list this week, focusing on all the good things we have to celebrate this 4th of July. Just, don't take his advice on bears, ever. (21:36)
A replay of some AJ's best buttle rocket extravaganza's from past years. (28:05)

Image Credit: SilverV / iStock / Getty Images Plus