Episode 10 - Keith Allen

Episode 10,   Jul 05, 2021, 10:50 PM

What a cracker we have in store for you - in today's Episode Mik and Jonny sat down  a few weeks back with the legend that is Mr Keith Allen!

Keith is a well renowned actor, comedian, musician and presenter, with an amazing C.V. He was one of the originals of the comic strip with Alexei Sayle and Rik Mayall, and appeared in Danny Boyle’s films ‘Shallow Grave’ and ‘Trainspotting’. 

He worked and co-wrote New Order’s hit single ‘World in Motion’ for the England world cup squad and was a member of Fat Les releasing the hit England world cup anthem ‘Vindaloo’.

Keith most recently appeared on our screens earlier this year in ITV drama series ‘Pembrokeshire Murders”. He is also father to singer Lily Allen and actor Alfie Allen!

In today's episode the lads sat together and discussed borstal and other detention centres, when Keith ran away from home at 15 to France, blagging his way into theatre productions, plumbing, and putting on The Clash’s first gig - and building a golf course outside his house during lockdown!

Ready yourself,you’re in for a treat!

Keith isn’t currently on social media platforms but you can still catch up with The Pembrokeshire Murders on itv player, and listen to Vindaloo and World in Motion on repeat!
P.s there is quite a bit of swearing in this episode so maybe keep the kids out the room!