Ricky's Tech Talk

Jul 15, 08:30 AM
Let's chat technology today. These days, it's everywhere around us and for many, it's almost impossible to leave the house without our smartphone. So it's no surprise that channels dedicated to technology and the hottest tech devices have gained popularity in recent years.
Ricky West is RNIB's Community Connection Coordinator for London & South East England but he's also the creator and the voice behind the popular YouTube channel - Ricky's TechTalk.

He spoke with our Paulina Kuchorew about what inspired him to start the channel and how surprised his audience is to hear that he is visually impaired.

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If you need some tech advice you can also contact RNIB’s Technology For Life team on 0303 123 9999 or tfl@rnib.org.uk 

Image shows a grinning Ricky standing outside on a bright sunny day with a palm tree behind him.