'School behaviour difficulties, interventions, and inclusive education' - Dr Alice Jones Bartoli

Jul 14, 08:39 AM

This podcast, with Dr. Alice Jones Bartoli, focuses on school behaviour difficulties, school based interventions and inclusive education. Alice is a Reader in Psychology and Director of the Unit of School and Family Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, and Editor in Chief of the British Journal of Educational Psychology. Alice’s work uses interdisciplinary methods to focus largely on school behaviour and mental health across a child's school life. 

Alice’s look at how well equipped schools and teachers are when it comes to dealing with child and adolescent mental health issues, and what more can be done to support teachers and leaders in creating mentally healthy schools, and in supporting the staff themselves.

She discusses her portfolio of translational research working with schools to develop intervention strategies that work for students with complex and chronic difficulties. Much of this work brings together education practitioners and associated third sector organisations with psychology and neuroscience researchers. Alice explains why this multidisciplinary approach so important in translating research into practice to help embed good mental health across school communities.