Episode 200 - Top Chef S18 Finalist Dawn Burrell of Late August

Jul 15, 2021, 11:00 AM

Today on the podcast Eric is joined by Michael Fulmer to discuss the latest happenings from the Houston restaurant and bar scene including 2 big restaurant closings, Luby's not going away after all, and more! In the Restaurants of the Week portion Feges BBQ is featured. In the Guest of the Week section Eric is joined by Top Chef Season 18 finalist Dawn Burrell of Late August. Eric speaks with Dawn about why she decided to do Top Chef, the experience of doing the show, her potrayal on season 18, where she started to find her stride in the competition, her favorite challenge, whether she was disappointed with not winning in the end, the controversy around Gabe Erales, her social media blowing up following her appearance on the show, her plans for her new restaurant Late August, becoming business partners with Chris Williams on the project, how he talked her into the idea of Late August, why having an ownership stake and the creative freedom came at the right time in her career, and more!

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