Monday, July 19: The Nearly-Disastrous Engagement Party; MMA Fighter Talks Controversial Fight; Comedian Tim Dillon

Jul 19, 05:39 PM
Chaz and his wife, Jennifer were at an engagement party this past weekend, and the whole thing was nearly a disaster. The dog went missing, it rained the whole time, and Jennifer almost took herself out trying to open a bottle of Prosecco. (0:00)

This story should serve as a warning to folks visiting other countries. Chaz and AJ had the story from Russia, where a pair of thrill-seekers were caught on camera going over the edge of a cliff when a swing-set failed. (13:18)

MMA fighter Denise Kielholtz was back on this morning to talk about her controversial title fight from Bellator 262, against Juliana Velasquez. Chaz and AJ joined the majority of fans who felt Denise earned the upset victory, even though the judges' decision didn't go her way. (26:12)

Dumb Ass News - While listening to AJ's comments about Popeye and a boxing Olive Oyl, intern Chris was reminded of a viral clip from Family Feud a year ago. There was a big controversy over the clip, because Ashley was convinced she already shared this clip with everyone over a year ago. (41:49)

Comedian Tim Dillon was on this morning to talk about his time in the Hamptons, how he got into cryptocurrency early (and what he saw coming a mile away,) and admitted to wanting to see a person be attacked by a shark in real life. (46:55)

Image Credit: Veronika Ryabova / iStock / Getty Images Plus