Hauntología - noche y hum

Jul 21, 08:11 AM
Uzbekistan Khiva Star hotel sounds reimagined by Martha Riva Palacio Obón.

"Night is a liminal spacetime where, paraphrasing Salomé Voegelin, different rhythms and beings converge creating simultaneously many possible worlds. 

"In this brief aural essay, I bring forward the background sounds in the field recording and mix them with a hybrid chorus of human and insect voices. The mechanic hum is replaced with the reverberation of wine glasses. 

"The main structure of this piece is built from two tracks that run in different directions: backwards and forwards. 

"Past, present, future: I evoke the memory of many nights spent alone and with company. A cacophony that flows into silence. Nocturnal disjunctures and entanglements, every ghost requires a translation."