Rocketing the Kabul palace; & What is to be done? Jeff McCausland @CBSNews

Jul 22, 12:20 AM
Photo: Tajbeg Palace in 1987.
            Tapa-e-Tajbeg (Palace of the Large Crown), also inaccurately called the Queen's Palace, is one of the palaces in the popular Darulaman area of Kabul, Afghanistan. The stately mansion is located about 10 miles (16 km) south-west from the city's center.

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Rocketing the Kabul Palace & What is to be done? Jeff McCausland @CBSNews

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 English: The headquarters of the Soviet 40th army in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1987.العربية: المقر الرئيسي لمبنى الجيش السوفيتي الأربعون في العاصمة الأفغانية كابول سنة 1987م.
Date | 1987
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