Death By The Bay: What Happened to Robin Pope? (Part 2)

Jul 23, 06:00 AM
If you have any information regarding this case, please contact Sgt. David Sexton at

Kent Island, Maryland, located in Queen Anne County, is the largest island in Chesapeake Bay, and it is a picture perfect place, surrounded by water and large expanses of beaches. It’s a historic place that really embodies coastal living, with so much to do from biking, to swimming, to hiking through lush woods and tidal marshes. It is a place you would want to live if enjoying life is your main objective, and it is where 51 year old Robin Pope was living with her husband and two daughters when she went missing along with her beloved Great Dane Bella in March of 2013. Bella washed up on shore the next day, but it would be another twenty-two days before Robin’s body was found. The last person to see her alive was Robin’s estranged husband, Wayne Pope, but although the police have never been able to say conclusively whether Robin’s death was a result of foul play, or a simple tragic accident, those close to Robin believe they know the truth. 

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