1/2 Kiev and Warsaw doubt the US-Germany-Russia deal on Nordstream2. Anatol Lieven, Quincy Institute, @LievenAnatol

Jul 23, 11:39 PM

Photo:  A station on a natural gas pipeline used for the loading and unloading of pipeline inspection gauges, commonly known as "pigs".

A.  In pipeline transportation, pigging is the practice of using pipeline inspection gauges, devices generally referred to as pigs or scrapers, to perform various maintenance operations. This is done without stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline

B.  Additional annotations from the English Wikipedia by users Cadmium, Mannings, and BrutonD:   This is station for loading or unloading pigs, the pigs are used for cleaning out or inspecting pipelines. This station is designed to receive pigs from the upstream section and launch pigs into the downstream section, with a cross-over for the fluid to flow from one section to the next. The pre-installed thrust blocks (those empty concrete rectangles in front of the blank flanges) are to support a (temporary) pig-trap which is bolted on to the pipeline in place of the blind flange. The pig-trap normally includes a section of larger diameter pipe to allow the pig to come to a gentle stop with flow passing around the pig. After closing the valves for isolation, the pig can be removed via a quick opening closure (like a flange) on the end of the pig-trap. The fact the pig-traps are not present means that this pipeline is not pigged regularly.

1/2  Kiev and Warsaw doubt the US-Germany-Russia deal on Nordstream2. Anatol Lieven, Quincy Institute, @LievenAnatol


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