Candy Montgomery & Ruth Snyder

Episode 180,   Jul 28, 2021, 11:30 AM

Candy Montgomery was bored. Her life wasn’t half bad. She was living in her dream home in the outskirts of Dallas, she had two kids, and a husband who made bank at Texas Instruments. Plus, she had a church community that she loved. But Candy wanted more. She wanted fireworks. More specifically, she wanted really good sex. Then one day, during a church volleyball game, she collided into her friend’s husband, Allan Gore. In doing so, Candy made a discovery. Allan smelled sexy. 

Then Brandi tells us about an old timey murder. Ruth Brown Snyder’s relationship with Albert Snyder got off to a weird start. Shortly after berating her over the phone, Albert found himself charmed by Ruth’s sweet, sincere apology. He asked if he could meet her so that he could apologize for his temper. Soon, he met Ruth and turned on the charm.

And now for a note about our process. For each episode, Kristin reads a bunch of articles, then spits them back out in her very limited vocabulary. Brandi copies and pastes from the best sources on the web. And sometimes Wikipedia. (No shade, Wikipedia. We love you.) We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the real experts who covered these cases.

In this episode, Kristin pulled from:
“Love and death in silicon prairie,” by Jim Atkinson and John Bloom for Texas Monthly 
“Some in Wylie don’t know of 1980 ax slaying; others can’t forget,” by Jeffrey Weiss for The Dallas Morning News
“Anniversary of an ax murder,” by Sonia Duggan for In and Around magazine
“Wylie ax slaying defendant acquitted,” by Frank Trejo and Michelle Scott for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
“The loving Christian mom who became an axe murderer,” by Erica Tempesta for The Daily Mail

In this episode, Brandi pulled from:
“The Murder of Albert Snyder” by Denise Noe, The Crime Library
“The 1927 Murder That Became a Media Circus—And a Famous Movie” by Becky Little,
“The Shocking Story Behind This Photo Of Ruth Snyder’s Execution” by Katie Serena,
“Ruth Snyder-Judd Gray Trial: 1927”
“Ruth Snyder”

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