Appraisers Gone Wild

Jul 28, 09:25 AM
We've had an insane string of difficult appraisals recently. We're not just talking about low appraisals. We're talking about appraisers not accepting jobs, not scheduling their appraisals, mischeduling them, not getting us the appraisal until the day of closing, etc. It's been ridiculous, and it's what happens when you have an industry where people have more work than they can handle but very little accountability or performance standards. We've all experienced it at places like the DMV, and unfortunately, a lot of us are experiencing it with appraisers, who have limited accountability but have far more work than they can handle. In this episode, Stan breaks down the challenges being faced in transactions where appraisals are causing constant issues to give you an idea of what is going on behind the scenes in a 2021 real estate transaction in the Upstate.

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