POMM-cast Episode 1 - Natal Chart + House Systems

Episode 1,  Jul 27, 2021, 09:10 PM

I finally have the tools to stream and get a recording that resembles a podcast episode! I'm excited to keep working on bringing my ideas to life on screen. Astrology has been one of my favorite metaphysical tools to use as I navigate the world of working for myself and following my life's callings. After nearly a year of consistent study and personal experience, I want to share a glimpse of what I've learned and why I've landed here. This video is essentially to encourage anyone who wants to start learning the basics. It's impossible to learn everything, but getting started is easy - you just have to decide where to start. I hope this helps! Thanks for listening, as always! Find me on IG, twitter, and tiktok - @ eramoog - Check out my website - eramoog.com