Leaving the kids - Mini Pod Sessions with Hatty Ashdown & Gemma Beagley

Season 4, Episode 47,  Jul 28, 2021, 05:30 AM

Hatty Ashdown and Gemma Beagley present a second episode in a new Mini pod series of short shows anyone can make time for ! . In this quick funsize chat Gemma tries to hold Hatty up after 4 days away from the kids at a music festival, as they discuss the rules, joys and downs of leaving the kids at home. Do you want your sitters to message you every 5 minutes?, setting ground roles and can you enjoy yourself guilt free ?   - WARNING CONTAINS  EXSTREMELY SEXY CROAKY VOICE 

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Host Hatty Ashdown co- wrote and created The sitcom Give out Girls on Comedy Central. Before she was a geriatric mum of two wild boys she presented  for the BBC and channel 4. She has interviewed and vox popped the likes of Lou Reed, James Brown , Alan Carr, Dani Minogue, The cast of Shamless, and many more.  She acts too and you will see her pop up on many TV adverts from Pizza Hut, Boots, Fridge raiders and coming soon Heinz . She is a  regular on the UK stand up scene and is curranty working towards a new hour show she plans to take to the Edinburgh fringe in 2022.

Gemma Beagley is Hatty's regular co- host and friend  ( unless she's busy or has no interest in the topic) she's a stand up comic ( un official these days ) but was the founder of the very long running Comedy Virgin club at the Cavendish Arms in London . A power house single mum of one  to a know it all 6 year old  boy, accountant by day but soon to be producer by night and day !

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