The Channel funnel

Jul 28, 08:49 AM
The Thought Police are back - and back with a vengeance - as Mike Graham and Kevin O'Sullivan catch up on everything that's been happening while they've been away.

Topics include: Kev's cautious Cornish holiday, the out-of-control migrant situation, government contract carnage, Boris' atrocious new crime initiative, the policing shambles at Wembley, racial abusers on social media, why English players are terrible at penalties, Wayne Rooney's recent headline making, Gareth Southgate's wokeism, vaccine passports, people getting pinged for fun, the mess that is the Olympics in Tokyo, Marble Arch mound, Allegra Stratton and Cop26, Joe Biden's frailty, and June Sarpong's pay cheque. It's no-nonsense, it's sweary and it's angrier than ever - it's The Thought Police. 

You can follow the boys on Twitter. Mike is: @IROMG, Kevin is @TVKev and you'll find the podcast too: @ThoughtPoliceTP.

Meanwhile if you'd like to send them an email, the address is: