Married At First Sight Recap Ep. 2 OMG! He's Bald!!!

Jul 29, 03:36 AM
Yonni and Terryl are watching reality tv again.  This time it's Married At First Sight season lucky # 13.  This week there are 2 more weddings and are the guys already starting to change their minds before we get to predictions?  Do they think Myrla can get past Gil's bald head and can he overlook her high maintenance?  Is Zack strong enough for Michaela?  Grab a drink, take a listen and share your thoughts!

Ever been somewhere and overheard two guys having a crazy conversation over random topics? Well we are those guys and we have been having these conversations since college. Do we agree on everything? Hell no, but we have fun anyway. We talk sports, politics, pop culture, and other bs. Pour yourself a drink and listen in.

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