The Mysterious Sleeping Town of Kalachi & Things to Stop Caring About in Your 30s

Jul 29, 05:15 AM
Stop trying to get your money’s worth at an open bar! Kathleen has had it up to HERE with worrying about certain things and she’s sharing that list with you! There’s only so much time in a day to launch your puka shell necklace empire, right? Then, is that a fridge on the ceiling? Did you just take a plane ride without remembering it? Bethany is talking about a bizarre “Sleep Sickness” that struck two small villages in Kazakhstan where people would fall asleep for days! What do you think caused it? Plus, Bethany has THOUGHTS about denim...


What We Talked About

Things to Stop Caring About in Your 30s - 14:13
The Mysterious Sleeping Town of Kalachi - 42:38

Kathleen's Jeans from the Gap:

TV everyone needs to watch: Ted Lasso


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