Interview With Physical Therapist Gretchen Hawley, PhD. DPT

Jul 29, 12:00 AM
Jenn Powell speaks with physical therapist Gretchen Hawley, PhD. DPT.
Join Jenn as she sits with Gretchen Hawley, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a Multiple Sclerosis Certified Specialist. Dr. Hawley utilizes the concept of neuroplasticity in her online MS wellness program, The MSing Link, to help her clients reduce fatigue, get stronger, improve their balance, and walk better. Listen in as Dr. Gretchen shares practical and helpful tips and suggestions on how everyone with MS can benefit from specifically catered physical therapy.
Dr. Hawley has been a keynote speaker at several MS conferences, lectures frequently for MS support groups, and continues to keep herself up to date on the newest & best MS practices by attending the MS Consortium each year. Dr. Hawley resides in Buffalo with her dog, Finn.
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