Thursday, July 29: Do You Wash Your Feet In The Shower?; CT's Real Estate Market; Bluefish Tournament

Jul 29, 03:26 PM
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis recently admitted they do not bathe very often. Chaz and AJ were making fun of them for being so proud to be dirty, and realized that another member of the show, also skips certain body parts when showering. (0:00)

The Tribe was calling in to respond to Ashley's bombshell about not washing her feet, and then Johnathan Carbutti was on to talk about his routine for cleaning his feet, and the ultra-hot CT real estate market. (15:17)

Sue from Miller Place Bait and Tackle was on the phone to talk about the Greatest Bluefish Tournament on Earth, and how their shop had last year's 2nd and 3rd place fish get weighed there. So they are good luck! (21:45)

Image Credit: NDStock / iStock / Getty Images Plus