Pioneering Change In Your Destination with Amelia Ritter and Ray Hoyt

Episode 147,   Aug 03, 2021, 12:00 PM

In this special episode of the Destination Marketing Podcast, Adam takes the show on the road to the Destinations International Annual Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. He is joined by Amelia Ritter, Digital Marketing and Content Manager at Livingston County, as well as Ray Hoyt, President of Visit Tulsa. Listen to hear how Ray was able to pioneer a change in the Tulsa tourism sector and how Amelia was able to engage stakeholders during her destination's recent website overhaul.

“Start with the stakeholder. Reach out and be transparent about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You’re not in it to make the CVB look better. You’re in it to make those stakeholders look better.” -Amelia Ritter

“Start with your business community. Start with the big employers because they have a lot to say and they’ve already invested in the community. If you can help them change their perspective of the destination, they’re going to spend that money because it always costs more to replace somebody than to keep somebody.” - Ray Hoyt

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