MA Prose & Drama Showcase 2021: Part 2

Season 5, Episode 2,  Jul 31, 2021, 12:00 PM

In the second of our two special showcase episodes, we hear short excerpts of new work by a few of our students on the Masters in Creative Writing programme. Please note there will be some strong language and adult themes from the outset.

With excerpts from:

The Same Little Breaks in Your Soul by Rebecca Brown, as read by Abigail McGibbon. 

Here Lies Jeff by Carolina Garrigo
Stage Directions - Anna Healy Dow 
Jeff - Thomas Finnegan  
Manny  - Jo Dow 
Mel - Abigail McGibbon 

Spontaneously Floating by Rachel Hynds
Stage Directions - Jo Dow
Rebekah - Abigail McGibbon
Poppy - Anna Healy Dow

The Storm by Margaret Doyle, as read by Abigail McGibbon.

Mum and Dad by Dara McWade, an excerpt from the play Pieces
Mum - Anna Healy Dow
Dad - Jow Dow

The Seamus Heaney Centre Podcast is created in a small back room by Stephen Sexton and Rachel Brown. This episode was produced and edited by Dara McWade, Craig Jackson and Conor McCafferty. It was recorded at the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queens. The actors throughout were Jow Dow, Abigail McGibbon, Thomas Finnegan and Anna Healy Dow, with direction by Dara McWade. Thanks, as always, to our writers, and to Nick Boyle for his music. Special thanks to Creative Writing lecturer Michael West.