Holly Fretwell #Unbound. The complete forty-minute interview. April 12, 2021.

Aug 02, 12:00 AM
Photo: Norway: Forest.
           The picture is taken from the Norwegian National Library's picture collection. Remarks on the picture were: Title taken from the inscription on component no. 1.

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Holly Fretwell  #Unbound. The complete forty-minute interview.  April 12, 2021.

Fix America’s Forests: Reforms to Restore National Forests and Tackle the Wildfire Crisis. Holly Fretwell , Jonathan Wood April 12, 2021


In 2020, the largest wildfire in California history scorched six counties in the northern part of the state. The August Complex Fire burned more than one million acres across three national forests and destroyed hundreds of structures. But devastating fires are not limited to California. Across the West, more than 10 million acres burned in 2020—a record in modern history. These fires consumed more than 17,500 structures and more than $3.5 billion in firefighting costs.Tragically, dozens of lives were lost, and many more people were displaced by evacuation orders. Fires released smoke that degraded air quality nearby and hundreds of miles away. They also destroyed wildlife habitat, including for imperiled species, and the fires’ aftereffects will soon lead to erosion that harms water quality in local watersheds.