Breaking Ground: Julia Hill, Emily Riley & Nick Koor on Recruitment, Education & Development within Geoscience

Episode 16,   Aug 02, 2021, 12:04 PM

In this episode of Breaking Ground, Steve Hadley (Chair of the Federation of Piling Specialists and Managing Director of Central Piling) is joined by Julia Hill (Geotechnical Engineer at Roger Bullivant and Chair of the FPS Early Careers Group), Emily Riley (Senior Chartered Engineer at CGL and Chair of the Early Careers Group for the BGA in London and the South West), and Nick Koor (Associate Head of Research and Innovation at the School of Environment, Geography and Geoscience at the University of Portsmouth).

We know that both university and school students listen to Breaking Ground, and this is a fantastic episode to showcase just how many different jobs and roles there are within the geoscience space in particular. Geoscience is the study of the planet and how various geological processes have influenced the way the planet works and looks - geoscientists and geotechnical engineers then analyse how this affects us as human beings, and on our built environment. This conversation covers many topics, and ends with a call-to-action - young scientists and aspiring engineers need to know more about the geoscience industry as a whole, and understand the impact they can have on wider society and the environment with a career in the geoscience space.

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