Episode 14 - Alice Nutter

Episode 14,   Aug 02, 2021, 11:00 PM

For episode 14 of Mik Artistik’s Ego Podcast, Mik sat in the sunshine with Jonny and chatted to British screenwriter and musician, Alice Nutter!

Alice sang and performed with English rock band Chumbawamba, they played all sorts of unusual venues, from squats to benefits until their track ‘Tubthumping' (or ’I Get Knocked Down as it’s also known) hit the UK pop charts in 1997. She left the band in 2006 to pursue a career in writing, creating pieces for Television, radio and theatre!

In todays episode Alice talks about running wild at the age of 14, taking drugs and going to Northern Soul all nighters, and living in a squat, turning down a million pound deal from Nike, getting her english A-level at 28, working with writer Jimmy Mcgovern - Creator of TV Drama series ‘Cracker’, and how people clapping gives you confidence!

You can follow Alice and keep up with her current projects here:

Twitter: @alicenut1