Cuppa with Carole: Interview with Boom Radio founder

Episode 10,   Aug 02, 2021, 08:16 PM

A Cuppa with Carole is a new series for the Changing The Record podcast, where our Talking About My Generation reporter Carole Ogden sits down for a chat with people doing great things across Greater Manchester. In this episode, Carole has a brew with Boom Radio founder David Lloyd. From a less than promising spell in banking, David began in commercial radio in Nottingham as a teenager, fulfilling a dream he'd nurtured since appearing on BBC local radio reading a poem aged 6. He rose through the ranks to manage radio stations in Leicester, Lincoln, Leeds, Birmingham, and LBC and Virgin in London - departing only for a brief sojourn in media regulation. After almost retiring, Boom Radio was the dream of David's - and he's passionate about the project.