Added value transit

Aug 03, 04:36 PM
Saint Petersburg escalator reimagined by dssPower. 

"In this piece the Gorkovskaya metro station in St Petersburg Russia is transformed by the addition of past, and future yet-to-be memories of a time when humans were more connected to nature and the Earth that was.  These faint, ancient memories create a yearning for this fragile connection. With the addition of animals like Loons (Northern Hemisphere), Flamingos (Southern Hemisphere), and Bats (both Hemispheres) and the sounds of the resonance of fragile glass the space is now artificially connected to nature like a zoo with glass walls.

The original audio was split and processed through a number of outboard paths and then re-mixed to create the desired effect when layered with the additional material. The equipment used in various combinations was: Aphex Compellor, Yamaha R1000, Carver C-9, ART FXR Elite, Electro Harmonics Blurst, Joyo D-Seed, and Shure Audio Master, and one fine wine glass."