19. DHS - Malin Head

Aug 04, 07:35 PM

Shrine Nineteen: a parent's farewell.
Location: 55.377184, -7.367148
Speakers: Sean McMahon (RIP), Derry/Tony McLaughlin, Ballyhillion.
Theme: gathering to say a final farewell to loved ones.

Ireland's most northerly point overlooks the crashing waves of the Atlantic - you'll be looking out for the tower on Banba's Crown in the photo to park up. Far removed from any city lights, this is the best place in Ireland to witness the full spectacle of the night sky and of a chance to see the Northern Lights. Salute the stars and marvel at this jewel of the north for nowhere else on the island are you more connected with the cosmos than here. Historically, it is from this lonely point that all major news events from our American cousins reached Europe; from the Yukon gold rush to the assassination of Lincoln, the Lloyd's tower mast on Banba's Crown received the news first.

It is also where families bid a final farewell to the many emigrant boats to America, where bonfires were lit and boats sounded their horns in recognition before sailing over the horizon and to a new future. As such, this site is a shrine to the lost generations who waved frantically back at their loved ones, watching the fires burn on this hill until they were out of sight. An area rich with flora and fauna and the freshest air in Ireland, ensure you walk from the Napoleonic tower on Banba's Crown hill along the coastal path and take in that good air. Good sea angling, hillwalking and birdwatching.

Audio taken from Donegal's Hallowed Sites on the Racontour Archive.
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