Be Relentlessly Yourself - Evelien van Es, Business & Life Coach, Founder of Signature for Success

Aug 05, 2021, 08:21 PM

Evelien van Es is an international business & life coach, sparring partner, and speaker, author of "Be Relentlessly Yourself", and creator of Signature 4 Success® in which she helps her clients get to the core of their being and translate it into their work and businesses.

She has a corporate background in Change Management and Management Development. She is also an experienced C-suite sparring partner. She started in 2006 as business owner, first as an independent interim manager within the corporate world and in 2015 with her own coaching business. From 2018 on, Evelien started mentoring a team of certified Signature 4 Success career and business coaches.
Clubhouse: @evelienvanes