Decoding Braille, Decoding Me - Solo Show by Blind Braille Artist Clarke Reynolds

Episode 907,  Aug 09, 2021, 09:00 AM

Clarke Reynolds the Blind Braille Artist who turns the tactile form of Braille into a visual art form has just had his first solo show 'Decoding Braille, Decoding Me' at the Yellow Edge Gallery in Gosport.  

During Lockdown Clarke produced a visual Braille poster celebrating key workers in his local area and even produced a Braille bench too. Connect Radio's Toby Davey caught up with Clarke to find out more about his first solo show 'Decoding Braille, Decoding Me'. 

Clarke began by describing to Toby some of the art work that had been featured in 'Decoding Braille, Decoding Me' and how accessible his work is for everyone sighted and visually impaired alike.  

Clarke told Toby about a visit to 'Decoding Braille, Decoding Me' by visually impaired Artist Lynne Cox and her sighted daughter and how they spent about 3 hours going round the exhibition seeing who could be the fastest to decode the art work on display.

Clarke also talked about a couple of up-coming exhibitions and his plans for a trip to America to produce the largest piece of Braille Art on the streets of New York. 

To find out more about the Blind Braille Artist Clarke Reynolds and follow him on Instagram do visit Clarke's website -

(Image shows Clarke stood in front his piece 'Unsung Heroes', which is a large print with Braille going through, from top to bottom, the colours of the rainbow and depicting the names of ,'doctors, teachers, food retailers, and many more professions that kept this country going'. It was part of the We Believe project commissioned by Portsmouth creates in 2020. Clarke is wearing dark glasses, a stripy red and black jumper, holding a white cane and wearing a yellow mask with black Braille dots)