Are your energy bills about to soar? Latest on the Ofgem price cap and how to beat imminent rises

Aug 06, 2021, 03:29 PM

From October, millions of households can expect to pay even more on their energy bills. 

Ofgem is raising the energy price cap for the second time in a year, due to rising wholesale costs.

The cap is now at a record high and it means those who are on a standard variable tariff, or a prepayment meter, could be facing hundreds of pounds added to their annual bills.

Lee Boyce, Grace Gausden and Georgie Frost take a look at the price cap, what it means and how to potentially beat it.

When it comes to future technology, will we soon see the death of the landline to be replaced by phone calls over wi-fi?

Additionally, with growing numbers of households – especially rural ones – turning to satellite broadband, we explain how it works and the potential costs.

When it comes to current accounts, we tend to stay loyal. But those who have switched, Starling Bank and Virgin Money have been the most popular destinations.

It's a tale of two different switching mentalities – those who want branches and bribes, and those who simply want a sleek app and good customer service.

Lastly, Grace on the Case launched 10 months ago. In that time, our senior reporter Grace Gausden has managed to claw back a total of nearly £206,000 for readers.

She takes a look back at some of her most satisfying wins and her passion for helping This is Money readers achieve a fair result from a variety of different firms.