Episode 131: Like a Grand and Miraculous Mustache

Aug 08, 2021, 02:00 PM

  • WE’RE BACK! Did you miss us? (You did. It’s okay. We missed you too.)
  • Phoenix Register: show changes! New theme music! New segments! Old hosts!
  • Main discussion: What do we know about FB3 so far?
  • Richard Coyle lacks a name on IMDb - interesting!
  • Leaked pictures might show the German Ministry of Magic
  • COVID is still the worst
  • New segment! Kowalski’s Half-Baked Theories
  • Dougal … Dumbledore … they both start with D! IT CAN’T BE A COINCIDENCE.
  • New segment! Battle of the Beasts!
  • AMY! VS! SHANNEN! Two hosts enter! And … uh … two hosts leave. 
  • Punching is truly the greatest weapon.

Podcast Question: Who do you think Richard Coyle will portray with his fabulous mustache?