InterPop Comics with Brian David-Marshall and Rachel Gluckstern

Episode 256,   Aug 09, 2021, 02:44 PM

BGN interviews Brian David-Marshall (President & Publisher of InterPop) and Rachel Gluckstern (Group Editor, Emergents).

InterPop is forging the future of digital fandom with comic, game, and collectible NFTs minted responsibly on the Tezos blockchain. Brian David-Marshall serves as President and publisher, creating multiple digital CCGs and is excited to bring all his gaming and comic experiences to bear on the Emergents TCG and comic universe. 

Rachel Gluckstern serves as group editor of InterPop's line of digital comics. She also developed the Charmz imprint for Papercutz and spearheaded the graphic novel program for Little Bee Books, acquiring the critically acclaimed "Always Human".

Host: Ryanne

Music by: Sammus
Edited by: Ryanne Bennett