Interlude: COE@40 Episode 2 - The COE is a family

Episode 10,   Aug 09, 2021, 03:29 PM

Simon Mundy interviews a number of current and past members of the COE - including oboist Francois Leleux and conductors Dougie Boyd (and his wife Sally Pendlebury), Jaime Martin and Thierry Fischer - about family life and their relationships within the Orchestra, the incredible commitment and dedication of every single player in rehearsals and concerts and also how the sound of the Orchestra has developed over the years.

In this second episode in our podcast series celebrating the COE's 40th anniversary, Simon Mundy interviews a number of former and current members of the COE about their incredible commitment to the Orchestra and to the music: leaving families and homes to connect with 'their second life' at the COE, performing concerts "as if their lives depended on it".