Monday, August 9: Apple's New iPhone Picture Rules; Dumb Ass News; Killer Karaoke

Aug 09, 2021, 04:27 PM

Ben Paletsky is a fire fighter and wedding venue owner, and had both of those worlds collide in an unfortunate incident over the weekend. Chaz and AJ had him on the phone to share the story of the wedding bus catching fire, and how he had to multi-task in real time to make sure everyone was happy. (0:00)

Steve Greenberg "The Gadget Guy" was on to talk about the news rules Apple had put in place regarding the pictures you're taking and saving on their devices. They are not as private as you might think. (15:42)

Dumb Ass News - A massive brown bear walked past a guy on a trail, and his first thought was to get closer and try to record it. (31:58)

Michael Killen was on for Killer Karaoke, and this week he had an original song by a guy who may have been drunk, hungover or crazy. (39:03)

While talking about wedding traditions, Ashley admitted she wanted rice to be thrown after her ceremony. Chaz and AJ took a call from John, about the biggest insult he ever received while working as a wedding DJ. (51:14)

Dumb Ass News - The return of Charlie Faze! Chaz's first radio experience at age 13 has produced lots of laughs on the air, but over the weekend he heard someone mimicking the Charlie Faze style. (1:02:28)

Image Credit: apichon_tee / iStock / Getty Images Plus