Career Chats: Executive Insights with Ray Stenton

Season 3, Episode 4,  Aug 17, 2021, 10:00 AM

In this episode of Career Chats, we host Ray Stenton, Managing Partner at NorthEdge Capital, a leading independent lower mid-market private equity firm in the North and Midlands. Formerly the Head of New Business at NorthEdge, Ray has also served in leadership positions at Lloyds Development Capital, Deloitte, and Anderson Corporate Finance. In this interview, we discuss Ray's path into private equity, the health challenges he has experienced recently, his time at NorthEdge and the changes he has implemented as a senior leader.

In Career Chats, our new interview series, Page Executive host a series of inspirational leaders from across industries and sectors. We discuss their paths, explore the challenges they have faced and growth they have achieved, and provide crucial insights into the traits aspiring leaders should cultivate to achieve success.