Aug 16, 09:33 AM

Starling murmuration reimagined by thequietwood. 

"The field recording reminded me of walks and runs (very slow jogs), on my local moor (Dartmoor).

"I imagined myself going for a run on a crisp spring morning, crunching my way over icy grass  and stopping by a hedgerow where I briefly disturb the Starlings, and then I proceed to run on, watching the murmuration display of the soaring and swirling Starlings.

"The field recording was used to create all the additional drum sounds (Snares, Hi-hats) and the pulsating "wind" rhythmical elements. I have additionally layered simple simple arpeggios to represent the "running" and then further synth work for the flying Starlings.

"This piece was also inspired by the latest Leafcutter John album, Come Parade With Us."