Victoria Rosselli

Episode 69,   Aug 20, 2021, 06:00 PM

This week we’ve ditched the Dolmio and danced across the pond to sniff out Brooklyn’s master meatball maker and talented designer, Victoria Rosselli. 

Victoria is a freelance Art Director and Designer based in New York. She’s also a Pitch 100 Superwoman and co-founder of Our Silent Partner, a collection of crowdsourced work designed to give voice to the silent mental health struggles of creatives.

We tuck into tons of topics including the benefits of an early internship at FCB, mental health in the advertising industry and why she chose to leave it altogether, hustle culture, imposter syndrome, freaky flashbacks of Gary Vaynerchuk, using ADHD as a creative advantage, Our Silent Partner, and, most importantly, the Rosselli family secrets for a winning meatball are revealed. Buon appetito.


You can find Victoria on Twitter and Instagram.
Go support Our Silent Partner.
Here’s her Campaign article on mental health and working in advertising.
Watch Mental Health and Creativity by Victoria Rosselli and Laurel Stark Akman.
Enjoy the Mental Health Matters Clear Channel Event.    
Victoria kindly dedicates this episode to Becky Brinkerhoff. Give her some love too.
And, most importantly, has Victoria finished redoing her portfolio yet?

Victoria’s book recommendations are:
The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St Clair  
Fake Accounts by Lauren Oyler