Rotary Magazine August-September 2021

Episode 2,  Aug 18, 2021, 10:40 AM

Micro-finance lies at the heart of the August-September issue of Rotary magazine. Rotary members have contributed more than £1.3 million through the charity Lendwithcare enabling entrepreneurs from developing countries across the world to build their own businesses. This issue tells some of those stories and also looks at how credit unions in this country are helping the vulnerable in a post-Covid climate.

Others stories include how we can do more to tackle child abuse, a look back at 50 years of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and we go to the front line of the climate crisis with disaster relief charity ShelterBox.

You can listen to individual stories with the following timecodes:
00:00:06 – Welcome
00:01:22 - Rotary lends £1.3 million with Lendwithcare
00:07:18 - Climate Change is a Humanitarian Crisis
00:15:14 - Answer Lies in Soil (Rotary and Lendwithcare)
00:18:44 - How Credit Unions Help the Community
00:25:26 - Aunty Nancy is Shining Light in Malawi (Rotary and Lendwithcare)
00:32:37 - Child Abuse a Stain on Civil Society
00:40:04 - A Dark Secret Behind Closed Doors
00:49:27 - Reap the Rewards Toastmasters
00:59:33 - Fifty Years of Building Future Leaders
01:06:10 - Out of Disaster Comes Hope