Could you fall victim to a parcel scam?

Aug 20, 2021, 04:46 PM

As Britain's streets are filled with drivers whizzing deliveries around, there's a new top scam in town.

Parcel and package delivery scams are the most common type of 'smishing' text messages, a report said this week.

Fraudsters are sneaking into people's text messages, pretending to be couriers that missed you while you were out, or need to arrange or rearrange a delivery. Click the link and you could end up being scammed.

This is being enabled by the wave of online deliveries in the pandemic, as online shopping stepped up a number of gears, and the somewhat chaotic way some drivers are delivering those parcels: who doesn't recognise the 'leave it on the doorstep and run away tactic'?

On this week's podcast, Lee Boyce, Georgie Frost and Simon Lambert look at what uou can do to avoid falling victim, what are the risks if you do, and can we do anything about the rise in fraud?

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Will a bumper increase for the state pension arrive, or the breaking of a manifesto pledge?

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