What if feeding my kids feels too darn hard? With Jennifer Anderson of @kidseatincolor

Season 4, Episode 68,   Aug 25, 2021, 04:00 AM

What good is the knowledge that research says family meals are associated with better academic performance and lower rates of depression, eating disorders, and substance use if you’re struggling to get out of bed. And who could possibly care about how many servings of fruit and vegetables is optimal for your kid if you can’t even access fresh produce… or figure out how to use it before it rots in your fridge….or can’t figure out how to get your kid to accept anything other than white food? Jennifer Anderson, the dietitian turned influencer behind @kidseatincolor, is here to offer loads of compassion and guidance to those of us who are parenting at the bottom, struggling to make ends meet, fighting with picky eaters, and feeling desperate to just do a little better.