6. Disaster Protection

Season 1, Episode 19,  Aug 25, 2021, 03:30 PM

In this series we explore the Sustainable Development Goals and the role that actuaries can play in achieving the 2030 agenda.

The latest IFoA SDG’s podcast focuses on Disaster Protection with Daniel Clarke from the Centre for Disaster Protection (CDP).  
In this episode, Shyam Gharial explores how Daniel’s work is linked to many of the SDGs, including climate change, inequality decent work, partnerships for the goals, and how an actuarial skillset can be utilised in this area of work.
Daniel’s work aims to improve efficiencies in the areas of Disaster Risk Financing. The CDP’s role in the Crisis Lookout Coalition is highlighted in their call for G7 leaders to better predict and prepare for crises, as well as to better protect people. 
This is a hugely topical theme given the Covid-19 pandemic and climate crisis. 
Thanks go to Daniel for taking the time to discuss this topic.