Thriller - Part 8: When Monsters Meet

Season 6, Episode 25,  Aug 29, 2021, 02:41 AM

In the penultimate episode of this series' Thriller arc, we now have David John Mulcahy stood in the dock, accused of countless horrendous crimes. The evidence against him was strong - yet nothing stronger than the words of his former best friend, John Francis Duffy, who stood just feet away from him - but this time, in the witness box, giving evidence.

This then, is Taller and Shorter - but would testimony be enough? And was their unspeakable bond now really broken? How was such a bond - strong enough to rape and murder, and then remain silent for almost a decade - how was that even created?

Let's see how Taller and Shorter came to be such a duo.

The episode contains graphic details and descriptions of crimes and events, involving crimes of a sexual nature and depictions of violence, and also including depictions of extreme animal cruelty that some listeners may find disturbing and/or upsetting, so discretion is advised whilst listening.

Music used in this episode: "The Descent" by Kevin Macleod. All music used is sourced from and used under an Attribution Licence (

Playlist Tracks
  • Belle And Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap
  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The One

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References to be produced upon request, but will be added in full at the arc's end.

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