Language & communication problems, and the relation to non-language difficulties - Dr. Hannah Hobson

Sep 03, 02:58 PM

 In this podcast we talk to Dr. Hannah Hobson, Lecturer in Psychology and Researcher at York University, and head of the Emerald Lab (Emotional and Mental Health Research in Autism and Language Disorders). 

Hannah discusses language and communication problems especially their relation to non-language difficulties including social and emotional problems. She talks about why many children with language needs go undetected, and some camouflage, plus what can be done.

Hannah discusses her work as head of the Emerald Lab, plus her aims for her newly created Special Interest Group to gather ideas on the topic of language, communication and mental health.

Hannah is passionate about multi-disciplinary working and stakeholder engagement, explaining why this is crucial and ways to take this forward. Plus how this evidence based research can be used to impact on policy, and ultimately help children.